Sustainable bamboo toothbrush set France

Our environment is beautiful. Anyone who looks at them in all their facets comes to the conclusion that responsibility and beauty must not be mutually exclusive. Our sustainable toothbrush in natural / colorless not only looks particularly good, it is also a good choice for reducing your plastic consumption. The handle is made of particularly fast-growing bamboo, the color on the lower part of the handle comes from Ibannboo – the pioneer in ecological colors – and the petroleum-free bristles are made from renewable raw materials (castor oil). The medium-soft bristles of this brush are the perfect mix for thorough cleaning of the teeth and the protection of your gums. Since toothbrushes wear out with regular brushing, a new brush is recommended every 3 months.

Why should you use a bamboo toothbrush?

  • Every day we use the plastic pole. Billions of plastic toothbrushes end up in the trash every year.
  • Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush at least every 6 to 12 weeks. So about 4 times a year. We are around 80 million people in Germany, that is 320 million toothbrushes that have to be disposed of.
  • By buying bamboo toothbrushes you avoid plastic and thus protect our nature.
  • For less plastic in everyday life and an environment free from plastic waste.

About ibannboo toothbrush.

Improved Bristles & Unique Pattern – Two bamboo charcoal toothbrushes for different tooth needs. Gray-black bristles are made of bamboo charcoal and are suitable for sensitive and soft gums. logarithmic bristles are made of bamboo fibers and are suitable for everyday use.The bamboo toothbrush comes with 5 different patterns: sun, moon, stars, snowflakes, leaves. You can distinguish the toothbrush of each family member.

Friendly environment & BPA-free – bamboo toothbrushes are made from renewable bamboo wood. This wooden toothbrush uses only 100% vegan materials, no BPA and nature. The toothbrush wood of the bamboo toothbrush is sustainable and degradable, and the packaging is also sustainable. The BEAU-PRO bamboo toothbrush is the best alternative to the plastic toothbrush. For your health, it is recommended to change the toothbrush every 2-3 months.

Enjoy a pleasant brushing experience – Ibannboobamboo toothbrushes are optimized for soft, sharp-edged bristles to remove deep stains in the gaps. Ideal for removing food residues, gums and protecting oral hygiene. Protects sensitive gums from bleeding and scratches. The 15 ° inclined brush head is medium-sized and flexible enough. The arrangement of the bristles is very suitable for the shape of the teeth in order to avoid injuries to the mouth when brushing the teeth

Easy to Carry – The wave-shaped bamboo handle is comfortable and easy to grip, suitable for both adults and children. A set of 10 eco-friendly products that the whole family can brush their teeth with. It’s lightweight and portable, and it’s perfect for everyday use and when traveling. (Please note that the travel toothbrush is stored in a dry place or on the toothbrush holder after use.)

With our sustainable bamboo toothbrush, not only do your teeth stay clean, the environment is also protected thanks to the materials used.

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