Take care of your sensitive skin with the plush, soft bamboo velvet top-side. Alternatively exfoliate and cleanse your skin with the bamboo cotton back-side. ibannboo’s reusable bamboo cotton Makeup Pad Removers are crafted with high-quality and naturally sourced materials, rendering them the smartest choice for you and our planet. Choose reusable over disposable and quality over quantity to help reduce your environmental footprint one step at a time. Take this step towards eliminating single-use products and join us in our efforts towards global sustainability!

  • Feel the difference, super soft and smooth bamboo rounds
  • Replaces up to 15,000 cotton Makeup Pad Removers over 3 years!
  • Zero waste, no single use plastic in the packaging, fully recyclable
  • We plant a tree with every purchase!

Environmentally friendly and sustainable and good alternative. Super affordable combination – the washable reusable cleaning Makeup Pad Removers pads made of bamboo fiber and cotton, are therefore an environmentally conscious alternative. The package includes a practical bamboo make-up pad made from 100% cotton. Save money and environmentally friendly, highly recommended for anyone who wants to do something for the environment.

High quality bamboo charcoal fibre. These pads made of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber can reach deep into your pores with drops of make-up remover to remove makeup, chemicals, sun protection, cosmetics gently and effectively. The bamboo charcoal material makes cotton pads reusable, perfectly absorbent for make-up and moisture and a cleaner than disposable make-up remover pads.

Suitable for all skin types, soft and comfortable material, ideal for all skin types, even for sensitive and impure skin, for face, eyes, lips and neck. 18 soft blue and pink bamboo charcoal cotton pads are ideal for sensitive areas, such as the eye area, 9 white bamboo fibers make-up pads are perfect for cleansing the skin by removing the most resistant products and gently exfoliating the skin.

Washable and reusable: after removing make-up, each washable make-up pad can be easily washed in the included laundry net (water below 60 degrees). So you can keep its shape and soft texture with the practical laundry bag in the washing machine. For heavy soiling, simply use gentle detergent on the washable makeup remover pads before washing.

Ideal for home and travel. If you want to go into a zero waste lifestyle, these reusable cotton pads are an ideal choice for you to store some in your travel bag, wallet, handbag or travel bag and at home, create less waste and make sure you are an attractive person .

It starts with one Makeup Pad Removers purchase, but together we can do so much – we can plant a forest, provide shade, shelter and economic viability to impoverished communities. Feel great knowing how much your purchase contributes to not only diverting waste by purchasing a sustainable product, but also to reducing carbon footprint by planting a tree and to building strong communities. Buy well and support ethical companies – UppWell is here to make this as easy as possible. Let’s do this together!

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