Biodegradable makeup remover pads in Canada

The washable and reusable Ibannboo make-up removal pads including a washing and travel bag allow you to effortlessly remove make-up, even on sensitive skin areas. With a diameter of 8 cm, PandaTree make-up removal pads are slightly larger than commercially available disposable cotton pads, so that many of our customers get by with just one pad per application.

As with all of our products, we attach great importance to sustainability with the PandaTree make-up removal pads. We do not limit ourselves to the renewable raw materials from which our Ibannboo make-up removal pads are made (bamboo and cotton) and the reusability of our Ibannboo make-up removal pads. Our principle of sustainability is also reflected in the color of our Ibannboo make-up removal pads and our simple packaging.

In contrast to many pads that are offered in stores or online, Ibannboo make-up removal pads are deliberately colorless . This also has the positive side effect that the effectiveness of the Ibannboo make-up removal pads is clearly visible with every use. We have also deliberately avoided using colors and a lot of text in our packaging. Furthermore, we have dispensed with a plastic bag inside our packaging, which wraps the contents again and thus provide a plastic-free product. As far as the carbon footprint is concerned, we have chosen the most sustainable transport route.

Available as a set

In addition to our 12 make-up removal pads with a diameter of 8 cm, you will receive a laundry net so that you can machine wash your pads gently at 40 ° C. We also offer you a fashionable storage box in which you can store your product for a particularly long time.

Ideal cleaning

The quality and processing of the materials offer you a particularly pleasant care routine. It doesn’t matter whether you have sensitive skin or use makeup that adheres well. With our pads you will be able to clean your face easily and comfortably.

Sustainable and durable

Our make-up removal pads are so sustainable because they last an extremely long time. In contrast to other products that are thrown away after a single use, you can wash and reuse our pads regularly. So you save your wallet and the environment.

Do the pads get clean after washing?
Yes, you can wash them at 40-60 degrees with your light colored clothes.

Are the pads suitable for sensitive areas such as eyes and lips?
Definitely. The light cream colored day pads are so soft that they are suitable for sensitive skin and your eyelids and lips. You only need two types of pads, soft pads and exfoliating pads for stubborn makeup.

Extensively tested
Help the environment and your wallet, but they are also very suitable as gifts. Thanks to the supplied bamboo holder, the set can be given away perfectly.

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