Disposable face pads just don’t do it for us anymore! From the pounds added to the weekly garbage load, the dollars wasted on them and the lint and fibers they leave on our faces- WE KNOW THAT YOU WANT NO MORE OF THIS!

But what happens when other reusable makeup remover pads and reusable face pads just don’t add up us well? Who wants to deal with easily stained reusable face pads, and thin ones that shrivel up and fray where you need to replace them again? SAVE YOURSELVES FROM THIS! CHOOSE CRAFTS AND THE CITY!

NO MORE STAINED REUSABLE FACE PADS:Use the gray charcoal reusable face pads for makeup removal & white bamboo face pads for product application after cleansing. Your reusable cloth rounds WON’T show stains of yesterday…will simply be washed away! And yes…they can absolutely be used as reusable eye makeup remover pads!

NO MORE FACE IRRITATION:Ultra Soft! Our reusable cloth rounds will not irritate you- safe for sensitive and acne prone skin. Lint-free! Won’t get caught in facial hair of men!

WILL NOT STAIN, SHRINK OR SHRIVEL AFTER USE! Use The Gray Charcoal Reusable Round Face Pads For Makeup Removal & The White Bamboo Velvet Reusable Cotton Pads Face For Application Of Products After Facial Cleansing. Your Reusable Pads For Face Will Not Remind You Of Yesterday’s Makeup Stains… They Will Simply Be Washed Away! Our Cotton Laundry Bag Will Hold All 20 Cotton Face Pads Reusable! Machine-Wash & Light-Dry OR Hand-Wash and Air-Dry! Reusable Face Pads Cotton Rounds That Work For You!

NO MORE SCRATCHING YOUR FACE-Ultra Soft! Our Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads WILL NOT IRRITATE Your Face- Great For All Skin Types Including Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin. Gentle Enough for Eyes & Lips; Lint-Free & Won’t Get Caught In Thick Facial Hair Of Men! Made From Cotton, Bamboo, Charcoal & Microfiber! You Will Love Every Reusable Cotton Pad! Our Facial Cleansing Pads Reusable Will Make Up For Where Disposable Cotton Pads Fail; Can Also Be Used As Gentle Face Scrubbing Exfoliating Pads!

AVES YOUR MONEY- WILL LAST FOR YEARS! Our Face Pads Cleansing Cotton Holds Up! Great Cosmetic Pads & Round For Face Curves; 3 LAYER Reusable Cotton Rounds With 100% Cotton Inner Layer & Sewn Edges Give Good Grip; Competitors’ Face Pads Either Too Thick For Small Facial Areas & Over-Absorb Your Product OR Too Thin & Degrade With Washes. These Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds For Face Will Be With You For Years With Your Toiletries! Love Our Large Cotton Pads Rounds!

INDER TO THE EARTH- ZERO WASTE! Have Less Waste With Our Premium Reusable Face Rounds! Place Them In A Cotton Rounds Container & Use Just 1 Cotton Pad To Wipe Your Makeup Away, Wash With Mild Facial Soap, & Reuse! Cleaner & Recyclable! Has Non-Plastic Packaging- Sets The Standard For Reusable Makeup Remover Pads In Being Kind To The Earth; Makeup Removing Cloths Reusable At Its Finest!

MULTI-USE TO SIMPLIFY YOUR BEAUTY REGIMEN: Use These Reusable Cotton Rounds For Toner & To Apply Your Favorite Facial Wash/Cleansers, Eye Makeup Remover, Witch Hazel, Facial Moisturizer, Skin Treatment Cream, Acid Peels, Micellar Cleansing Water, Lotion, Sunscreen, Facial Masks & Scrubs. You Will Love Our Reusable Face Cleaning Pads! These Bamboo Cotton Rounds Are A Big MUST-HAVE For The Home Beauty Regimen & Travel. YES To Reusable Face Wipes!


Just Apply Your Makeup Remover!

  • Rinse the reusable face pads with water and squeeze out excess water.
  • Apply your makeup remover or facial cleanser to the gray Charcoal pads.

Gently Lifts Makeup, Oil, Dirt and Facial Impurities From Your Skin

  • Glide the pad over your face to cleanse in circular motions.
  • No need to worry! They are safe on sensitive skin, on sensitive areas of face like the eyes and lips, on thick facial hair of men, and on acne-prone skin.

Flawless Makeup Removal

  • Our Charcoal pads remove makeup and facial impurities phenomenally.
  • Look at your reusable face pads to see how much and what was removed!

Hand-Wash or Machine-Wash to Clean!

  • Our Charcoal Zero Waste face pads are resistant to staining after washed.
  • They will stay looking great for you after every wash!



Use our white Bamboo Velvet reusable cotton rounds for toner, eye makeup remover , witch hazel, facial moisturizer, skin treatment cream, acid peels, micellar cleansing water, lotion, sunscreen, facial masks, scrubs and more!


Our reusable pads for face just glide your product right over your skin with their velvety texture for a super-soft feel while doing exactly what you need them to do!


Clean-up is easy with our washable face pads!

Hand-wash with mild soap and water OR place in the washing machine inside their laundry tote.

Hang to air dry or dry on low heat with the other reusable cotton rounds while in their cotton mesh laundry tote.

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