Can this women safety razor be used for legs, under-arms and other bits?
Re: This double edge razor can be used for legs, under-arms and other bits. Actually, women and men can use this razor, it is unisex.

Experience a better shave for you and the environment

We have appreciated the “convenience” of disposable plastic razors since 1974, when they were first introduced. However, they are not, and never have been, recyclable or biodegradable. We were sucked in with convenience but forgot about our impact on the earth we live in.

Ibannboo’s eco razor

The double-blade razor has a long handle. It is made completely from metal and riffled to ensure a tight grip.

This razor has a safety razor stand included. It is also made from metal and designed to perfectly fit your beard razor. With the stand you can easily store the black safety razor for men upright in the bathroom or shower.

Why use a women safety razor?

  • Smooth, clean shave without irritation or razor burn
  • Less clogging due to one high-quality single safety razor blade, resulting in a closer shave
  • Cost-effective as double-edged razor blades are cheaper than cartridge refills and disposable razors
  • Strong and durable, made from high-quality materials
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • More control as the women safety razor shaving razor is designed to have a perfect weight and an ergonomic shape

⚠ Do not shave with a metal razor like you would with a cartridge razor:

  • The shaving razor for men is heavier and glides effortlessly on the skin whereas cartridge razors are lighter and need additional pressure.
  • DE safety razors for men have no pivoting head which implies to shave in shorter strokes.
  • The included user manual will guide you to get the perfect waste free shave.

Go back to tradition and achieve that perfect, smooth shave at a fraction of the price, and without harming the environment.

⌘ No blade is included. A good quality blade is important. For a perfect classic shaving experience, we recommend platinum coated double edge razor blades.

We take customers’ shopping experience into consideration, so we attached a beautiful razor stand, which is a great solution for the elegant storage of Zomchi double edge safety razor or other safety razors. Besides, the razor stand is made from premium chromed brass and it is not easy to get rust.So just come get it and enjoy the wet shaving!

The lady razor is nicely balanced and features a simple mechanical design. Loading and unloading the women safety razor is also easy. You just need to unscrew the head from the grip, take the top part off and put a razor in the bottom part and then screw tightly the head into the grip.【BEST GIFTS FOR LOVERS AND COUPLES】Zomchi black and rose gold double edge safety razors

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