Sustainable and eco-friendly: the reusable makeup remover pads can be recycled and are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads. The reusable bamboo viscose and cotton pads are a more sustainable alternative to disposable make-up pads. Helps to prevent waste.

Washable and reusable: after use, each washable make-up pad can be stored in the included laundry net. After washing at 60 degrees water, all make-up residues disappear on the cleaning pads. Keep its shape and soft texture after washing with a laundry bag. For stubborn stains, simply use a small dose of soap on the make-up remover pads before washing them.

Best design for all skin areas: these reusable cotton pads contain 20 reusable cotton pads, 1 laundry net, 1 spa headband. 10 soft black bamboo charcoal cotton pads are ideal for sensitive areas such as the eye area, 10 white bamboo fibre make-up pads are perfect for cleansing the skin by removing the most resistant products and gentle exfoliating the skin.

Suitable for many different applications: bamboo cotton fibre material makes cotton pads reusable, perfectly absorbent for make-up and moisture and a cleaner than disposable. Soft and comfortable material, ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and blemished skin, for face, eyes, lips and neck. These bamboo charcoal and bamboo fibre pads gently and successfully remove makeup, chemicals, sunscreen and cosmetics without discomfort.

IDEAL FOR HOME & TRAVEL: If you want to go into a zero waste lifestyle, these reusable cotton pads are an ideal choice for you to store some in your travel bag, purse, handbag or travel bag and at home, create less waste and make sure you are an attractive person.

Top quality and good workmanship, gentle and mild cleaning, the make-up wipes are multi-layered and very high quality. They are super fluffy and soft, large to reach deep into your pores to remove makeup, chemicals, sun protection, cosmetics. With your drop of make-up remover on the washable make-up pads, make-up, creams and dirt can be removed quickly and completely.

Easy to clean: hand wash or machine wash. The cotton pads can be washed in a laundry bag at up to 60°C. The laundry net protects the make-up pads when travelling and in the washing machine. In case of a problem with product quality, we will give you a 100% refund or re-dispose a brand new product. Contact us at any time!

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