Thank you for purchasing the Reusable Makeup Remover Pads and

contributing to make our planet a better place. Single-use plastic

products are harmful to the environment, being difficult to recycle and taking centuries to degrade.

Dropping plastic products takes courage and we are excited to be on

this zero-waste journey together. We know it isn’t always easy, but you

are doing great and we love that! On our part If you have any issues

regarding your order or the product, don’t hesitate to contact us and we

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At Ibannboo we want you to get the best out of our products. Our journey

together continues a long way after your purchase, replacing wasteful products, step by step.

The following pages will lead you to useful tips & tricks on how to get

the most out of your reusable pads. The last part invites you to share

improvement suggestion and to get involved with Ibannboo and the zero

waste movement. Make sure to check it out!

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These washable pads are a great zero-waste alternative to traditional cotton wool

pads, cotton balls, makeup wipes and even exfoliating pads.

They can be reused over and over again and help to reduce the incredible amount

of waste ending up in landfills without sacrificing your beauty routine.

All pads are made from a mixture of cotton and bamboo fibers. The softness of

these fabrics makes the pads perfect for all skin types.


We recommend you to wash the pads before the first use. Go to the “Washing

Instructions” section to see how.




The Velvet Pads are the soft ones with grey edges, specially made for removing your makeup regularly.

You can use the pad dry or damp. When damp, it will be easier to slide over your

skin, and will prevent it from absorbing too much of your product (to dampen it,

simply soak it in water and squeeze it). Then add your makeup remover or natural

oil, as almond or jojoba oil, on the pad and proceed to remove your makeup.

Wash your face with water in case you want to take out any residues and continue

with your normal routine.

You can also use the velvet pads for applying toners, creams, or even makeup

powder if you are in need at the moment (or just let your natural beauty shine)




The Terry Pads are the scrub ones with brown edges, specially made for a deeper

face cleansing or a gentle face exfoliation.

Simply soak the pad in warm water, squeeze it a little, and clean your face in a

gentle circular motion. You can also add your regular face cleanser or exfoliator on the pad for a deeper cleansing.

Remember to exfoliate maximum 2-3 times per week in order to prevent irritation,

and to always moisturize your skin after you’re done.



Washing machine

Their small size and their handy cotton mesh bag make the pads really easy to

clean. To make sure that the pads don’t disappear inside of the washing machine,

put them all inside of the cotton bag and tie it up with the little ropes.

They are washable at 40 – 60 °C. We recommend airdrying and not ironing.

Hand wash

You can hand wash the terry pads with regular soap and water after cleaning your

face, and reuse them a couple more times before putting them in the washing machine.

Do this only in the cases where you didn’t use the pads for removing makeup. Make

sure to place them on a clean surface after use.


After using a strong foundation or waterproof mascara, it is possible that the pads

get stained. Don’t panic and simply leave the pads soak in white vinegar and lemon

for 1 hour (don’t worry if is more than that, even better), and then proceed to clean them in the washing machine.

If the pads are still stained after these steps, don’t worry, they can still be used!


The use of the pads is of course not limited to face care routines.

Over time, you will figure out for yourself which ones you like using for what. For

example, you can use the soft ones to clean a baby’s face, or even repurpose them to clean screens or other surfaces.

If you have any comments, recommendations or ideas, please do not hesitate to

contact us! We are always looking for ways to improve and give the most wholesome

content we can.

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