Reusable Makeup Remover Pads –  Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds

From Nature To Nurture

A Recyclable Makeup Eraser Choice for All who Appreciates Nature!

Save Planet, Go Green: Would you help reducing landfills? Why not start from personal hygiene. Switch to recyclable bamboo-cotton pads. Unlike disposable wipes, it’s a zero-waste product that takes only few months to completely decompose.

✔️Multi-Way Usage:
· Cotton round for face used to remove dust, dirt and deeply cleanses skin when used with a little toner or facial cleanser
· Serves as facial pads and eye makeup remover, from foundation to mascara, all can be efficiently removed
· Wiping contact lenses, glasses, iPad screen
· Gently cleanse baby’s delicate skin
· Use to wash off facial mask
· Clean pet’s eye

🎁Gift for Women, You Care About
A great present for beauties around you! An amazing gift choice for devoted environmentalists and makeup freaks. Perfect gift for Bridal shower, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday.

✔️Stop Disposing, Start Reusing:
Laundry bag helps in picking up pads in a quick glance, among the stack of cloths. It is machine washable, can be washed in three simple steps:
1. It is recommended to soak the pads with water right after using the pads.
2. Apply detergent on stain and keep it with detergent for 5 to 10 mins.
3. Put the pads in laundry bag and wash them gently using warm water.
4. Let it air dry.

✔️Package Includes:
· 20 x Reusable Cotton Pads
· 1 x Cotton Laundry Bag

❓Why Bamboo?
· Eco-friendly
· Super soft
· Zero waste
· Renewable resource

· Do not bleach
· Do not tumble dry
· Do not iron

About our makeup remover pads:

 ECO-FRIENDLY & ZERO-WASTE: These high quality Bamboo Cotton Pads are perfect alternatives to replace disposable cotton rounds. Simply apply warm water, your own makeup remover liquid, toner or cleanser on pads to clean your face and neck; then wash and reuse.You can also save money while you are protecting the environment. They are perfect to use up to 1000 times. Our packaging is 100% recyclable with no plastic.

QUALITY AND SIZE: 8cm (3.15 in) three-layer reusable pads perfectly fit in your hand to clean your skin. They are suitable for all skin types. Bamboo Charcoal pads are soft and perfect for your sensitive skin and they can easily remove your heavy makeup. Bamboo Cotton Knitting pads can be used to exfoliate your face by applying your favorite toner or cleanser.

HOW TO WASH: You can easily wash your used pads with hands and hang them out to dry, or use your mesh laundry bag to wash your used pads with the rest of your laundry. Bamboo Charcoal pads do not stain, but if you use a lot of water proof makeup on a regular basis, to remove stains on the Bamboo Cotton Knitting pads, hand wash them with soap and water after every time of using them, then add them to your laundry.

EASY TO TRAVEL: Cotton Travel Bag is a great bonus to this bundle to easily put your clean pads in your handbag or luggage and take them everywhere you go; to work, gym or on travels.

We are very passionate about the current environmental situation, lots of eco friendly product store difficult finding the right products,  Contact us via [email protected] for details and get sample for quality testing.