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Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads Washable Eco-friendly Natural Bamboo Cotton Rounds for all skin types

100 Pcs

$050≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$040≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$035≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : BM001
Material: 70% Bamboo + 30% Cotton
Optional: Bamboo Cotton/Organic Cotton/Hemp Cotton/Bamboo Charcoal/Bamboo Terry/Bamboo Velvat
Packaging: Kraft Paper Box/Kraft Paper Tube/Bamboo Case/Cotton Mesh Laundry Bag

  • These are made with unique fabric bamboo, highly fluffy and soft. They adequately pull out all the makeup, chemicals, cosmetics, sunscreen out. They are great facial cleansing pads, mascara makeup remover, eye shadow makeup remover, and lipstick etc. Try out our natural, chemical-free pads, with organic cotton balls, take it home right now!
  • One organic reusable makeup remover pad replaces up to 1,000 disposable cotton rounds. That is 16,000 disposable cotton rounds you keep from wasting by using these pads. For best results, use a small amount of a toner or cleanser. We also recommend adding some warm water and to softly scrub in a circular motion. Use both sides of the pad until your face is perfectly clean. Enjoy that fresh feeling.
  • Our pads are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, or oily. Use them to clean a baby’s eyes, face, or nose. They are delicate enough to handle any challenge. Super convenient, easy to bring with you in your travel bag or purse.   HELP OUR PLANET! ONE TREE WILL BE PLANTED WITH YOUR PURCHASE BY OUR FRIENDS AT ONE TREE PLANTED.
  • Lightweight and convenient, our portable set can go in your travel bag, gym bag or luggage for effective makeup removal and clean skin on the go. Makes the perfect gift for makeup lovers and eco-friendly enthusiasts! A great choice for Bridesmaids Gift, birthday Gift, best Friend Gift, mom’s gift, teacher gifts, and even a housewarming gifts.

How to use?

Before using the pads with any liquid, it is best to dampen them with a few drops of water. This increases their absorption qualities while avoiding that the pads soak the liquid too much. Thus, you need to use less make-up removal product

After you have dampened the pads, it is recommended to squeeze the excess water out before applying your make-up removal products. This ensures the product is absorbed evenly, so you get the most from the cotton rounds. Natural skincare works great with the pads!

The bamboo make-up pads are well suited for all skin types and ages. The pads are useful in a variety of beauty rituals. You can use them to clean your face, remove make-up, wash off face masks or even clean off nail polish.

It is best to rinse the make-up pads after each use to remove excess oils. Whenever you want, you can clean them more thoroughly in the washing machine at 40° C. Remember to put them in the included mesh bag, which keeps all pads together. Have a look at the user manual if you encounter stronger stains.

We believe everyone can make a difference

Switching from single-use cotton pads to Proto Future pads, you will have a positive impact on the environment, your skin and your budget. There are plenty of good reasons to purchase our unique 24-piece beauty bundle.

Good for your skin and health

Bamboo has a beneficial effect on human skin. It’s naturally organic, soft, hypoallergenic and odour free. Our pads and gloves are also absorbent, delicate and compatible with all skin types. Proven results guaranteed. You will be able to remove most makeup by just adding water, which will save you money on makeup remover products.

Environmentally friendly

Our bamboo pads are biodegradable and can be wash and reused hundreds of times, drastically reducing waste. Single-use pads are at the top of a long list of wasteful products that pollute our landfills, communities, rivers and oceans. Our pads are soft and made of natural organic bamboo. This sustainable material grows up to 1m a day once it’s germinated, making it the fastest-growing plant. This means its cultivation is environmentally friendly and very effective. Our product and packaging, which includes 2 gloves and 100% cotton mesh bags, are plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable.

Durable and easy to use

Our bamboo pads are 3 times stronger and more durable than alternative cotton pads of similar quality. This means you will get better value than when you purchase single-use cotton pads or reusable cotton pads. Bamboo lasts longer than other materials, so you ultimately spend less to look good. Use our gloves for the trickier makeup on your face and neck and with our extra mesh bag you can store the pads and gloves at home or when travelling. You can easily clean them by hand after use or in the washing machine.

Welcome to the new way to look and feel beautiful!

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