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Bamboo Cotton Swabs Double Tipped Ear Sticks | Recyclable & Biodegradable cotton buds for Ears 200 sticks

100 Pcs

$080≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$060≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$050≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : CB002
Material: Bamboo + Cotton
Packaging: Kraft Paper Box/Kraft Paper Tube/Cotton Bag

  • Bamboo Cotton Swabs: 200 natural cotton swabs comes in1 recycled paper box. Organic cotton swabs used as eco friendly cotton swabs, cotton swabs wood sticks, cotton tipped applicators. Environmentally friendly cotton bud made from natural cotton biodegradable buds.
  • Eco Friendly Cotton Swabs: Made from renewable bamboo wood and top quality cotton. Bamboo sticks is durable and stronger than paper sticks that ensuring they are tough and will not snap easily when using. 3 inch long bamboo handle cotton swab easily bends without breaking.
  • Two Tipped Wooden Ear Sticks Organic Cotton Swabs: Twice more organic cotton on the stick tips! Two tipped cotton swabs wood sticks designed with wide variety of uses for beauty, apply/ remove makeup, daily household cleaning, arts & crafts, pet care. Great for ears, travel, babies or everyday cleaning.
  • Eco Friendly Reusable Packaging: Cotton buds package with a box, made from recycled kraft paper material, It means even the packaging is eco friendly too. These biodegradable eco cleaning cotton makeup swabs sticks are the best choice for anyone looking to reduce their single-use plastic usage.

What You Would Like to Know?

.Contains: 1 pack of 200 Organic Cotton Swabs in a recyclable paper box
· Mindfully Made: organic 100% biodegradable, safe and sustainable
· Made with GOTS Certified Cotton & Chlorine and Fragrance-Free
· Sustainable Design: 100% Biodegradable Cotton Buds
· Hypoallergenic: Soft on Skin and Ideal for Beauty and Household Uses!

Wide Applications Cotton Swabs
Cotton swabs always used to remove extra eyeliner ,eyebrow,eyeshadow and makeup
as a makeup remover cleansing brush of eye.Play a important role on makeup removing.
Safe and clean make you take it easy to clean the dirty and dust.
Also can be applied for cleaning machine like the lens of camera and VCR heads.

Multifuctional Usage:Cosmetic, Industrial, Mirror wound care ,Precision cleaning and Homeuse Baby Skin Care.
Compacted cotton stick with less lint than regular cotton swabs, can work well for both cleaning and smearing.
Suitable for sensitive skin use.
Special specification for cosmetic application and much more,can used for industrial applications, mirror wound care ,precision cleaning and homeuse.
Good applicators for baby to smear and clean skin and ears, comfortable and safe.

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