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Body Exfoliating Brush Body Brush Set For Showering With Natural Soft And Stiff Bristles Include Bath Brush Long Handle For Shower Air Cushion Massage Brush Pumice brush, 1pcs face brush, 1pcs natural loofah sponge rubbing strip

100 Pcs

$495≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$465≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$430≥ 1000 Pcs

️Item No. : BDS001
Material: Wood/Loofah/Bamboo
Package: 42*17*5.5cm
Option: 1pcs Long handle Brush +1pcs massage brush+1pcs Pumice brush +1pcs face brush + 1pcs natural loofah sponge rubbing strip

The long handle brush is used for dry brushing your body. The brush has a detachable long handle, so it can be used on all areas of the body. It also has an elastic strap, so all hands can get a good grip of the brush. The wild boar bristles will offer a firm brushing effect, ensuring all your dead cells are eliminated from your skin. Adjust the intensity of the strokes, to your level of desire, so that in the end you’ll be left with a pink skin, not red.

This is a foot file callus remover composed of Earth Lava Pumice and Bristle brush 2 in 1, Two Sides Foot Lava Pumice Stone, Hand Feet Dead Skin Exfoliator Tool, Pedicure Scrubber for Shower, Pedicure Foot File Tools, Pumice Hand & Foot Tools; Easily cleans the dirty and dead skin of the feet effectively, leaving the skin of the feet delicate; Using in the shower or washing hand and feet, rubbing on the hard skin gently, then wash it, it will help you exfoliate, let you get firm and smooth skin. It is hard enough, Do Not use on damaged skin, soft skin, or any injury-prone skin;

This cellulite massage and circulation brush have a wooden massage tip, which acts like a tiny finger on the soft pillow to make it fit your body and provide maximum comfort. It can be used in a bath. Use the massage brush for a few minutes to massage the skin with an upward circular motion. Use before showering can help rejuvenate and improve the smooth appearance of the skin. When not in use, be careful to hang it in a ventilated place to dry.

The face brush is used for dry brushing your face. Being a gentle area of the body, the bristles are softer than on the body brush. Even so, adjust the intensity of the strokes, to your level of supportability, so that in the end you’ll be left with a pink skin, not red.

Natural loofah sponge rubbing strips rubbing your skin with our exfoliating back scrubber and loofah sponge pads to promote blood circulation, reduce stress and revitalize your body. Super-soft Natural Plant fiber materials great for dry rough skin and other skin natural loofah, non-toxic, skin-friendly, soft without chemical composition. Back Scrubber loofah Sponges have a looser weave that provides superior foam and soapiness.

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