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Hemp Cotton Makeup Remover Pads Washable and Eco-Friendly | For All Skin Types | Face Cleaner and Eye Make Up Remover Pads

100 Pcs

$050≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$040≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$035≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : BM003
Material: 70% Hemp + 30% Cotton
Optional: Bamboo Cotton/Organic Cotton/Hemp Cotton/Bamboo Charcoal/Bamboo Terry/Bamboo Velvat
Packaging: Kraft Paper Box/Kraft Paper Tube/Bamboo Case/Cotton Mesh Laundry Bag

  • These high quality Hemp Cotton Pads are perfect alternatives to replace disposable cotton rounds. Simply apply warm water, your own makeup remover liquid, toner or cleanser on pads to clean your face and neck; then wash and reuse.You can also save money while you are protecting the environment. They are perfect to use up to 1000 times. Our packaging is 100% recyclable with no plastic.
  • These reusable hemp cotton rounds 100% remove your makeup away with some cleanser or toner, it is recommended to add some warm water to wet this remover pads gently removing makeup pads in a circular motion, and flipping cloth over and over until all makeup is removed and it will leave your face clean, soft smooth and fresh right away. It can be reusable and washed by machine. Let’s be an environmentalist together!
  • Our zero waste hemp cotton pads are not only facial makeup remover, but also works on eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, also can be used to clean baby’s eyes/face/nose. If you are tired of using tons of expensive makeup remover, these  non chemicals natural remover pads are great for you. A great choice for makeup lovers, birthday gift, best friend gift, mom’s gift, teacher gifts etc.
  • Both portable and convenient, our lightweight set fits in your purse, travel bag, gym bag or luggage for effective makeup removal and glowing skin on the go. The ideal gift for makeup lovers and anyone environmentally conscious.

How to Use
Just add water or your favorite cleanser, then gently wipe your skin in circular motions and ring out the pads as needed.
When finished, rinse your pads with warm water and soap and leave them out to dry.
You’ll want to wash the pads regularly to preserve their quality! Simply place the pads in the laundry bag and wash with light colors, without bleach or fabric softener. When hand washing, use warm water and soap, then allow the pads to air dry or tumble-dry on a low heat setting.
When drying pads, it is recommended to allow them to hang dry, but you can even put them in the dryer on a low setting!

Embrace a Healthy Life
Eco-Earth’s bamboo remover pads will leave your skin soft and healthy as ever while saving you money for what matters most!
Love your healthy, refreshed skin.
Our pads are portable and can be used anywhere, perfect for any type of lifestyle!

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