Project Description

Double-sided Hand and Nail Brush, Manicure Pedicure Nail Scrubber, Natural bamboo and Bristle Fingernail and Toenail brushes.

500 Pcs

$126≥100 pcs

1000 Pcs

$112≥ 1000 Pcs

5000 Pcs

$100≥ 5000 Pcs

️Item No. : BNB0011
Material: Bamboo + Sisal Bristles
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton Rope, Cotton Bag


We care about your comfort. So, we designed this wooden nail brush in a way that will make washing and scrubbing extra convenient for you. The base is rounded on both ends for a comfortable grip. The flat brush underneath is designed to wash the surface of your nails. The single row of bristles on the other side, which are a bit angled, are designed for brushing under the nails.


Microparticles of dirt can easily get under your nails, be it on your fingers or toes. It is highly recommended to brush them off as soon as possible to prevent them from building up. Our wooden nail brush is perfect for gardeners, mechanics, and other professionals whose hands are often exposed to dirt, grease, grime, paint, and other items that could get stuck under the nails.


Aside from cleaning under the nails, our wooden brush is also great for washing the surface of the nails. Nail polish, certain finishing products, like paint and varnish, could stain your nails. Those can’t be removed by merely washing your hands. You need something to scrub it off gently and our brush can handle the job. After scrubbing, you are left with nothing but sparkly clean hands and feet!


Our wooden nail brush is designed for cleaning fingernails and toenails. But more than that, the gentle bristles are also effective in exfoliating those hardened skin around the nails. While washing, massage the bristles around your nails for a few seconds. This will help soften the callus, giving it a gentle nudge, until it naturally falls off, leaving you with luxuriously soft hands and feet.

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