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Natural Exfoliating Loofah Sponges Body Scrubber Perfect for Kitchen Household Use and Body Cleanser Personal Skin Care Use

100 Pcs

$090≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$075≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$072≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : LS001
Material: Loofah
Optional: 7.5x6cm/10*4cm/10*6cm/12.5*7cm/15*8cm
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton mesh bag.

  •  Our Natural Loofah sponge is a high quality alternative to cheap plastic poofs or sponges and provides natural and hypoallergenic exfoliation. We worked with many manufacturers to get a perfect combination of quality and price.
  •  Natural Exfoliation: Some people don’t react well to chemical peels or rough artificial sponges. A natural loofah is a great alternative to achieve soft and smooth skin without damage. Its perfect for reducing breakouts, removing dead skin cells, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •  Instructions: Soak your loofah for 20 minutes in warm water prior to use, and use small cirular motions to smooth rough skin. Try to avoid sensitive areas and try to stay gentle on the face. Rinse with water and store your loofah in a dry area or drain dish to help it dry out properly.

There is such a place in the world where there are beautiful mountains.

People living in the mountains are enjoying the gifts of nature every day, work with the sunrise and off duty with is the sunset.

One day, the women there picked loofah and dried it The loofah which was once ignored by people has unexpectedly become the most suitable tool for bathing!

Have a loofah bath ball

Loofah bath ball and plastic bath ball are different Although they are all used for the same purpose of cleaning the skin, the loofah has a plurality of layers of filamentous fibers interwoven into a network, each of which is a hollow tube.

It’s a natural product based on green plants and rough processed.

Loofah meridian has good adsorption on oil, keratin and dead skin, better than any products.

Scrub the body with a loofah bath ball

From your chest(Skin between neck and chest) use a loofah bath ball to gently and continuously rub the skin in a circular motion until you reach your ankles, and don’t forget to scrub your arms and hands.

Remark: Wiping the skin in a circular motion helps remove dead skin cells and is gentler than wiping the upper and lower

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