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Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws 6 for Adults and 6 for Kids with a Cleaner Organic Sustainable Biodegradable

100 Pcs

$230≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$210 ≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$190≥ 1000 Pcs

Item No.: BS001
Material: Bamboo
Packaging: Cotton Bag + Plant-Based Cleaning Brush
Size: 20cm

  • KIDS AND ADULTS LOVE IBANNBOO STRAWS They are smooth and well finished. Bamboo feels excellent on gentle kids’ lips and sensitive teeth. Bamboo straws don’t get cold or hot and have a much more delicate, natural texture than the stainless steel metal straws. They a perfect eco friendly gift ideas and add fun to a cocktail party, family reunion, girl’s night out. They make others aware of the plastic straw problem without making anybody feel guilty.
  •  BIODEGRADABLE STRAWS Ibannboobamboo straws are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic straws. They offer the lowest carbon footprint compared with plastic, metal, glass, and even paper straws. Ibannboo Bamboo straws will last long, but you also don’t have to feel bad about losing them or throwing them away. They give rich and 100% organic nutrients back to mother earth. Organic drinking straws.
  •  STRAWS THAT WORK WITH ANY DRINKING DISPENSER Ibannboo straws are longer  than other straws on the market and work well with any drinking dispenser. But they are still compact enough to carry them with you while out and about. They come in a durable organic carrying pouch for storage and travel as well as a straw cleaning brush.
  •  Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing species of grass that can be cultivated without using harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. This renewable resource is a safe and biodegradable option that won’t cause harm to marine life

Why use Bamboo Straws?
Single-use plastic straws are extremely wasteful and harmful and are discarded after only minutes of use. Every year, tons of plastic straws end up polluting our environment and water bodies. These plastic products not only require hundreds of years to decompose, but they also cause severe damage to our environment and threatens marine life.
Plastic use is getting less popular all over the world and in an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, some countries have placed bans on plastic products.
Switching to using bamboo straws are not only more affordable compared to other materials like metal & glass, but you can also help to contribute to a greener planet and environment for our future generations!

How to use and store?
◾ For first-time use, the straws need to be scrubbed with a brush. Clean thoroughly before use as our organic & natural bamboo straws may still contain minute bamboo specks.
◾ To maintain a long, reusable life for your straws, scrub with a brush after every use and store in dry & airy environment.

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