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Wholesale custom Abstract Line Swedish Dishcloths Washable Kitchen Towels Absorbent and Quick Drying Cleaning Cloths Kitchen, Hand, Counter Wipes

100 Pcs

$110≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$100≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$090≥ 1000 Pcs

️Item No. : SP001
Material:  70% Cellelose +30% Cooton
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton Rope

  • Effective cleaning: the Swedish dishcloths combine the benefits of a traditional hand towel with the absorbency of a cellulose sponge; The dishcloths are soft to touch when they get wet, gritty enough for scrubbing when they get dry, making the Swedish sponge cloth a nice choice for cleaning your kitchen
  • Nice absorbency: the Swedish cleaning cloths are mainly made of fiber and , with enough capacity to absorb sewage of 15 times their own weight; The dishcloths are not easy to lose hair and provide an effective solution to cleaning your kitchen and dining tables
  • Useful kitchen dishcloths: after the absorbent kitchen towels get wet, they help remove stains and dirt well; They will get dry quickly after cleaning, and avoid and control the smell, getting rid of the unpleasant smell in the kitchen; With these useful dish towels, you don’t have to endure smelly sponges and disposable towels any more
  • Reusable and high quality: the reusable Swedish dishcloths are dishwasher and washing machine safe for repeated use and less waste; The classic dishcloths can last up to 1 year and after their long service life

Review from a customer in USA:
I got this product after going through many different ideas of how to lessen my use of paper towels. This was the first time I have tried a product like this and was kind of unsure how to even use it. It is very different from other kitchen use towel products because it starts off very stiff every time because that is what happens once it drys. I started by trying to wet it first but was not liking that because it feels like it does not absorb as well so instead I just use my kitchen cleaner (force of nature spray) on my counters and just keep wiping until it slowly starts to soften and absorb and clean. After I do that I wring it out and continue on my other counters. This way the absorbed liquid is still a cleaner so it is still going on the other counters as I clean rather than water. I really like using this cloth because it is reusable many many times. It is durable and very absorbent. I try not to use it to mop up food spills because I dont want to stain it since it is pretty expensive. So using it for cleaning after all the cooking is done keeps it fairly clean. I sure there is many other uses for this but this is how I choose to use it and it works for me. I use it in the kitchen in conjunction with other products that are machine washable and usable and my paper product usage has gone down quite a bit. So why cant I just skip thos amd use cloth to clean? I think I like this better because it absorbs well. With cloth i feel like I’m just slopping the cleaner back and forth on the counter and leaving it there to dry. With microfiber it absorbs but when things get stuck in it and dries on it is hard to clean out and it is not as disposable once you get it very dirty as these cloths. So far I really like them being in my cleaning line up. Once I get more I’ll see about using them in the rest of my house.

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