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Best Canvas Grocery Shopping Bags – Canvas Grocery Shopping Bags with Handles – Cloth Grocery Tote Bags – Reusable Shopping Grocery Bags – Organic Cotton Washable & Eco-friendly Bags 

3 Pack

$240≥100 sets
  • $ 2.30 ≥500 sets
  • $2.10 ≥1000 sets

9 Pack

$630≥ sets
  • $ 6.20≥500 sets
  • $6.00 ≥1000 sets

️Iterm No. : CB001
Material: 100% Cooton
Optional: 20*25cm/25*30cm/35*40cm
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton Rope,Kraft Paper box

  • The Mesh Produce Bags are made of 100% Organic Cotton, polyester-free, nylon-free, BPA free, PVC free, no toxic, no plastic pollution. This organic mesh cotton bag is initially for Living a eco-life, and your choice here will make difference to the living environment of a fish or endangered animals
  • These organic bags are SUPER LIGHT considering they are made from cotton. There is no plastic or metal toggle. Their design helps you to keep your things safe and organized in your natural organic produce bag with its top-end closed tightly by the pair of cotton strings. These reusable mesh produce bags have labels with tare weight in g, oz., and lb. (from 0.5 oz for S size to 1 oz for L). Each size has its own color. Pick the right size instantly.
  • Protect delicate fruits & vegetables from bruising and safely store your produce for up to a week. Our refined breathable mesh material preserves maximum freshness so your favorite fruits & veggies stay as delicious as the day you bought them! They’re also perfect as reusable snack bags for bringing sandwiches, wraps and lunches along to work, school, and on trips & outings.
  • Multi-function: carry reusable agricultural product packaging bags with you for use in grocery stores, shopping or farmers’ markets. These cotton bags are not only used for fruits, vegetables, snacks, nuts and bulk foods, but also very suitable for laundry, storage, such as toys, cosmetics, accessories, travel, office supplies and almost any form of organization.

Looking for an alternative to harmful single-use shopping bags?

Need something durable, strong and yet light, which can be reused often, while minimizing your carbon footprint? Well, look no more! Our set of reusable bags for vegetables is designed to replace plastic during grocery shopping in your daily life. You can choose the most suitable variation of the different sizes and amounts to support your daily shopping needs. Our variable sets should make you well equipped whether your grocery list is for a whole week, a bigger family or just to prepare a dinner for 2 tonight. Need a bag to carry fruits, vegetables or a bag for a snack lunch, to store groceries or other household items? No worries. Our set has a solution for it all. By replacing toggles with an extra cotton string, they’ve become even lighter and more functional. Carrying even heavy loads has never been more convenient – 2 strings are simply better at distributing the weight. Every detail was thought through to provide the best possible experience of using them.

Optimized and tested for daily life. Not only for zero waste enthusiasts. With passion for functionality and love for nature. Labels contain tare weight in oz., lbs. or g and all bags are color-coded to let you choose the right bag according to your needs instantly. From now on pay only for the weight of the groceries in the bags. We are serious about protecting our planet. All our products are designed to help you minimize your carbon footprint. This set of shopping bags is not an exception. Made from 100% organic cotton, simply no plastic used. And wait, packaging is paper only too.

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