Project Description

Wholesale Custom Natural Organic Loofah Sponge Exfoliating Body Scrubber, Eco-Friendly Multifunctional Cleaning Sponge

100 Pcs

$130≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$120≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$110≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : CZ075
Material: LOOFAH
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton Rope

  • All-Natural Loofah : natural plant-based fibers loofahs is excellent Exfoliating, it can remove any dead surface cells in our skin while promoting greater hydration and blood flow through our body
  • Hypoallergenic on our Body: natural plant-based fibers loofahs are made of the natural growth of the loofah and the its skin aging peeling, free of chemicals and it can be biodegraded.
  • Multi-Purpose: Natural Loofahs have a wide use range. In addition to natural sponge for body scrubber on our bath, also can be used in our kitchen to clean dishes, tableware, kitchen pots, cookware, countertops , bathrooms, windows, mirrors, and many more applications.
  • Preparation before Use: Loofah sponge are hard and rough when dry, therefor before using, we need to put it in water for 3 mins in order to remove any natural fiber impurities, then it will be soft and clean for use.
  • TIPS: Every dried loofah has been compressed into a flake, which will expand to a cylindrical shape after soaking into water.

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