Project Description

Wholesale Custom Bamboo Massage Comb Multifunctional Massage Tools, Wooden Wide Tooth Hair Massage Comb Scalp Comb

100 Pcs

$200≥100 pcs

500 Pcs

$180≥ 500 Pcs

1000 Pcs

$150≥ 1000 Pcs

️Iterm No. : CZ063
Material: wood
Packaging: Bulk pack, Opp Bag, Cotton Rope

  • Spherical design: smooth spherical design, after many design corrections and upgrades, does not hurt the scalp, does not cause pain, with a faint wood fragrance, beeswax polishing, smooth and delicate feel, can be placed in a variety of bags with you, easy to carry
  • Soothing massage function: can stimulate the head, neck, back, hands and arms acupuncture points and muscles, soothe body fatigue, dredge blood vessels and meridians, so that the body relaxes, can help sleep and maintain a calm state
  • Anti-static massage: the wood contains natural oils that nourish the hair and relax, massaging and combing the hair and skin can help you relieve stress and promote bodily functions and blood circulation
  • Made of solid wood: each wooden comb is handmade, the wood comb has a unique texture of wood, beautiful, natural wood will gradually become more lustrous with your use and daily placement, so each comb you receive is very special, long-term use can make the comb feel better, you can play with it as a stress relief toy
  • Natural wood in a closed environment may have grease oozing out, this grease is the wood itself with, good for the body, you can wipe off with paper towels, and at the same time will make the comb become more shiny.

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