Disposable stuff in our life are a convenience the planet cannot afford. The switch to reusable stuff was long overdue, and we ran out of reasons to keep putting it off.

How many of you use cotton balls to remove your make up, even if it’s just because something got smeared and you have to start over?

Disposable Cotton balls and pads are hands down our favorite way to apply our Cleanser, Toner, and Makeup Remover, but we recently learned about how nasty disposable cotton pads for the environment. So we make these incredible handcrafted Reusable Makeup remover pads. These reusable makeup remover pads are more durable than the normal disposable pads.


Throw away the bad habits of yesterday and upgrade your zero-waste face wash routine with a set of reusable makeup remover pads. Makes a great unique gift for any occasion! Use this soft pads to gently remove makeup, rub in facial cleanser, or apply toner! Anything you currently use cotton rounds for, these can do too! A super soft makeup remover pad brings amazing feels on your face, great for sensitive face.

Reusable makeup remover pads are an excellent green alternative to single-use cotton rounds. They will help the planet and help you!

The wash bag makes it easy to wash and never lose your pads. It’s in mesh fabric and it can also be used as a storage bag.


This makeup remover pads have two sides available,one side use with a cream or oil-based product to remove foundation, then flip the pad over to the other side to remove eye makeup with your micellar water.Instead of using two throwaway cotton pads every day, now use one reusable, washable one. The bamboo fabric feels like heavenly silk on your face,working better than regular cotton pads that shred and leave tiny bits of cotton all over your hands and face.

Use these with your regular daily and nightly facial routine. Even a small step towards minimizing landfill space is important, every little bit helps our earth!


Put them in a small basket or bathroom tumbler and use them with toner, cleaner or makeup remover solution instead of cotton balls. When you’re done, throw them in a small laundry bag and put them in the wash with your towels.

Care Instructions: Machine washable in a mesh bag. Gentle wash with some gentle soap. Tumble dry low or line dry. Quick rinse excess make-up immediately after face cleansing. Stack and reuse.

No bleach. Avoid fabric softeners as they affect absorbency. Not recommended for nail polish removal.


-Gentle to face, effective for removing all types of makeup,such as foundation,lipstick and mascara without harsh rubbing.

-Any other little jobs such as ipad clean;Glasses wipe cloth;Chalkboard/Whiteboard eraser;Wipping pet eyes;Minor wound care;Face washing;Ultra-light breast pads or other delicate tasks!

If using with nail polish remover, please be advised that they will stain. We recommend keeping a few dedicated to nail polish removing to avoid staining all of your lovely rounds.


It is a sustainable fabric, making it a favorite choice for the household.

Our pads can withstand hundreds of washing .Simply put your used pads into the bag,These makeup remover pads come with their own tiny mesh wash bag, meant to protect them from getting ripped in the laundry. Tie closed, and toss in the wash with no fear of them getting lost amongst the towels!


1.Soak natrual sponge with water for few seconds until it expends to full size

2.Dip into warm water and wipe away the makeup in a circular motion

3.Repeat until your skin is clean and fresh

4.Put the dirty pads into the laundry bag and the in the washing machine for 40°C (remmber to tie the bag tightly or wash them by hand)

5.To dry you can put them on a dry towel or on a flat surface

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