Reduce waste while you clean your face.

Ibannboo makeup remover pads come with a complimentary mesh laundry and travel bag, perfect for washing your reusable pads in the washing machine and for taking them on the go. One pack includes 16 reusable, washable makeup pads, which means less waste in landfills to the tune of 3,600 single-use disposable wipes. The natural materials are soft and gentle enough to be used on delicate parts of your face, such as lips and around the eyes. In fact, they’re suitable for babies and people with dry, sensitive skin too.

  • Ibannboo PADS: Each square pad with 2 materials to clean every inch of your skin. Bamboo side were designed to take on dark makeup inducing exfoliating process. Great for tonner, oil or moisturizer application. SENSITIVE SKIN please use velvet side for areas around your eyes and lips.These are effective and gentle for removing all types of makeup, lipstick and mascara.
  • LARGER AND THICKER SUPERIOR DESIGN: Larger and thicker makeup remover cotton squares, each makeup remover pad is Dual-Sided. Our triple-layer pads have a Bamboo side to remove makeup quickly and a velvet side for toner application and final facial cleaning. Three layers for maximum performance, durability and sustainable.
  • ULTRA SOFT: These natural reusable facial makeup pads squares are gentle enough to be used on all skin types. Replace your disposable cotton rounds with these eco-friendly bamboo Velvet pads. Reuse and wash up to 1,000 times. Includes a drawstring laundry bag that holds all 12 pads. Just place them into the provided laundry bag and toss them into your laundry washer. Tumble dry low. Easy and convenient!
  • Economic And Environmental Protection: Bamboo fiber makeup remover pads is easy to clean and machine washable, can be used repeatedly, to avoid you to buy a lot of disposable make-up paper, i hope we can do something to protect the environment.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for family and travel, light and convenient, you can put it in your travel bag, fitness bag or luggage, effectively remove makeup and clean skin on the journey.Reusable makeup remover pads is the perfect gift for cosmetics lovers and environmental protection lovers! it’s a great choice for friends, birthdays, moms and even bridesmaids.
  • Organic Cleaning Alternatives: These soft bamboo reusable makeup remover pads are used for 100% makeup removal with some detergent or toner. it is recommended to add some warm water to moisten the pad, gently circle the pad, and flip the cloth over and over again until all the makeup is removed. it will make your face clean, soft, smooth and fresh.

Is it okay to machine wash?

Yes, Handmade by ibannboo cotton rounds are machine washable. Please use the included mesh laundry bag to machine wash. Tumble drying is not recommended. The best way to take care of your cotton pads and to use them for a longer time is to hand wash with soap and to air dry. (Machine washing cause your cotton rounds to slightly wrinkle up)

Which side is for skincare?

Please use the plain white, quilted side for skincare. The pads are double-sided: the plain white side is 100% quilted organic bamboo cotton while the other side with the Mandarin pattern is 100% cotton.

Are the materials organic?

We do not use any defoliant (herbicidal chemical) in the harvesting process for our cotton. Therefore, there might be particles of cotton leaves and/or stems found in forms of tiny dark brown dots in the finished product.

Are these beneficial for the environment?

Yes. At Handmade by ibannboo, we use organic, natural, certified cotton, which takes up less natural resources than regular cotton. In addition, by using our reusable cotton pads as alternatives for disposable cotton pads, you can likely live a zero-waste lifestyle!

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