Billions of disposable washcloths and cotton pads for face are thrown every year. These piles of trash take years to decompose, filling up landfills and harming the environment every single day. Switch to a zero-waste lifestyle and use this makeup removal pads washable Set by ibannboo.

Eco Friendly Skincare — ibannboo organic cotton wool pads are the reusable, easy to wash, eco-friendly beauty accessory your skin deserves. Each pack contains makeup removal pads washable, a washing bag, exfoliating loofah, and a handy bamboo storage container.
Zero Waste, Zero Plastic — Say goodbye to single use, disposable cotton rounds and wipes. Our bamboo cotton pads are designed to be used and reused again and again, cutting down on the waste generated from traditional cotton rounds.
Soft, Gentle & Natural — Our makeup removal pads washable are made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure healthy skin and a healthy planet. We use the finest organic cotton, which is exceptionally soft and smooth on sensitive skin.
Smart, Sustainable Design — ibannboo natural makeup removal pads washable are made from the finest sustainable materials, and are completely biodegradable, ensuring nothing ends up in landfill. Best of all? Our zero-waste, eco friendly packaging is also recyclable and compostable!
Be an ibannboo — Our mission is simple: create sustainable solutions to our modern needs, without sacrificing quality and comfort. Working together with manufacturers in Bali, our eco friendly, zero waste products support sustainable growth for local communities.

Easy to Use and Wash

  1. After using, machine wash and dry the makeup removal pads washable inside the bag included in the kit.
  2. Cleaning is more effective in the regular cycle.
  3. Stains vary on the type of makeup used. Pads may already be used after washing.
  4. But if stains persist or bother you, soak the reusable facial rounds in an equal mixture of baking soda and peroxide for a few minutes before washing.
  5. Or rinse with water after each use to remove excess makeup.

Making a Difference for the Planet

At ibannboo, our mission is to lessen plastic waste by providing sustainable products that are not only affordable but easy to use, too.

We use bamboos endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring best practices in responsibly managing forests. Bamboo cultivation is done with no pesticides or insecticides.

You are also assured that all our products are placed in reusable packaging.

Start your clean, plastic-free lifestyle today with  ibannoo!

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