Reusable makeup remover pads in usa

Remain Soft & Healthy Skin- A must have for makeup cleansing system. If you are sick of spending amount of money buying disposable remover pads or cotton pads, these reusable bamboo makeup remover are a great alternative to you. It removes 100% of your make-up away with your favourite toner. You will be excited to continue using these as part of your commitment to creating less waste and limiting the disposables that go directly into the landfill.

DURABLE & LONG-LASTING– These makeup pads won’t slip or fold over during use. They’re designed to be sturdy and firm, yet still soothing, soft and plush against your skin. Each piece can be used and washed over a thousand times. Great value for your money!

Remove Dirt, Oils, and Makeup – The deeply exfoliating reusable make up pads made with terry help clean pores and remove excess skin oils, dead skin cells, dirt, and caked on makeup to help skin breathe and restore soft, supple radiance.

Great for Home & Travel: If you want to transit into a Zero Waste lifestyle, these reusable facial cleansing cloths are an ideal choice for you. These palm sized wash cloths fit in your hand are lightweight, portable, easy convenient to use, and you can keep some in your travel bag,gym, purse or overnight bag and some at home. Create less waste and maintain you are a attractive person.

More Features Your Skin Will Love:

– Ideal for all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive skin

– Besides being ideal for makeup removal they can be used for daily skincare

– The round cotton pads are gentle on the skin and don’t cause any irritation

– Made without using harsh chemicals or artificial materials

– Makes a thoughtful and practical gift for friends and family on every occasion

Kind to our planet

Our products are made with our planet in mind. From the actual product itself to the packaging we use. We use no plastic in our packaging

Long lasting

We make products that last. We only use the highest quality materials and ensure they are lovingly put together.

Saves money

We think going with eco alternatives should be kind to your wallet too. Every product we make is designed with this in mind.

1% for the Planet

We pledge 1% of our sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.


1. Rinse the pad under warm water and squeeze out any excess.

2. Apply your favourite cleanser or toner to your face or directly to the pad.

3. Massage in circular motions over your face to remove makeup and impurities.

4. Repeat until your face feels lovely and clean!

  • TOP TIP – To keep your pads stain free and looking like new, always wash them following use with a little hand soap to remove all traces of makeup. Don’t allow the makeup to dry into the fabric.

For a deep clean, place used pads in the laundry bag and wash at 40 degrees.

Always remove the clean pads from the wash bag when wet.

Re-shape the pads and laundry bag and leave to dry naturally on a flat surface.

As the pads and wash bag are made from 100% natural fabrics, they may become a little mis-shapen in the wash.

Our reusable makeup remover pads have been lovingly created with super soft organic bamboo cotton terry which is hypoallergenic and feels so indulgent on your skin.

If you’re looking for an alternative to disposable cotton wool and face wipes to reduce your waste and live more sustainably,  Reusable Cotton Pads are the perfect solution! Why not try our luxury cleansing pads today?

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