Our Bamboo Pads Makeup Remover come with unique design canvas cotton pad holder. This is the best solution to keep your bamboo cotton rounds clean and easy to reach even in a humid bathroom! It looks wonderful and works exactly as you need. Ibannboo offers you a solution for a sustainable eco-friendly skincare routine. Our washable makeup remover pads are perfect replacement for classic cotton pads.

【More Eco Life】Instead of disposable cotton rounds , gentle Bamboo Pads Makeup Remover cleansing pads offer zero daily waste, and lasts use on daily facial cleansing .Each reusable cotton pads is machine washable 1,000 times ! With a samll change ,you’re saving thousands of disposable cotton pads per year.
【Affordable Facial Care Routine Supplies 】Total 16

(5pcs in bamboo velvet rounds and 11 pcs in bamboo cotton firber pads),1 mask applicator silicone,1 makeup headband bring you a clean and fresh skin after a whole day makeup. Mask brush silicon saves your fingers and cream .Cute kitty headband provide a undistrubed face to clean and care. All in one pack, you do get what you expect tools for basic daily care tools.
【Two-type Cotton Pads set for both usual and sensitive part】stands out for its versatility: ⭐the bamboo cotton rounds take off makeup like mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, or waterproof makeup. and gently exfoliating for daily routine. ⭐ While the flannel rounds feature a gentler surface that’s perfect for applying toner,lotion,cream or using on more sensitive skin types like eye lids.”
Reusable Cotton Rounds Eligible Fabric for Daily Makeup Routine Bamboo cotton borns activated and well balance on water absorption than pure cotton,easier washing against cases soiled heavily with with oil and makeup ,which meet makeup remover pads requirement. ⭐Velvet fabric based cotton finished in high-density (less liquid absorption ), even pile height offer a softer and smoother feeling on more senstive part and perfect for toner and cream.
【Practical Idea on Cotton Cleansing Pads 】 Dual layer side make cotton pads make up less absorbent but spread that fluid quite easily. ⭐ Thread edge in high density hold your product and cuts back on waste. ⭐ Velvet pads with pocket side bring you a better finger handle while applying toner and cream .

Bamboo Pads Makeup Remover Features:

– Safe and Gentle
– Durable Double Sided Single Stitch
– Both Sides usable
– The Perfect ratio of bamboo fibers and cotton to provide maximum comfort when being used
– High Quality Laundry bag for your quick washes
– Ecologically friendly

To meet high quality standards we constantly work with our manufacturers to improve and provide the best feeling reusable face pads that are out there.

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