Washable makeup remover pads so popular in germany

The sustainable zero waste alternative for you!

With the washable and gentle make-up removal pads, you show conventional cotton pads the red card.

Did you know,

that every woman on average about 1,500 cotton pads per year consumed.

With the reusable make-up removal pads from EcoYou you avoid enormous mountains of rubbish and actively contribute to environmental protection.

The washable pads are particularly gentle on your facial skin and are suitable for all skin types .

Natural bamboo cotton fleeced fabric which is super soft and extremely effective at removing 100% of all kinds of cosmetics, sunscreens and chemicals from the eyes and face. Leaving your skin fresh and clean. Prefect for home and travel, the portable cylinder contains what you need on the go and will fit into you travel bag. An excellent choice for a gift at Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and for anyone that is a makeup and eco-friendly enthusiast.

ECO-FRIENDLY is what we as a Chinese Brand stand for – We help you create less waste and reduce your carbon footprint with these luxurious organic bamboo cotton makeup remover pads as part of your facial care routine. The pads come with a FREE wash bag all in a presentational eco-friendly cylinder that looks great in any bathroom.

3 layers of luxurious organic bamboo fabric for extra comfort and absorbency. 21 pads gives you a full week of makeup removal. Hand wash or machine wash with the free wash bag at 30-40C. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

OST EFFECTIVE AND ZERO WASTE – Bamboo cotton is more absorbent and more durable than traditional single use cotton pads. You’ll save money and help the green movement to a less wasteful society. It makes perfect sense.

NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL AND HYPOALLERGENIC – Bamboo fabric is a type of viscose which studies have shown to be antimicrobial and odour-preventing in nature, which means your bamboo makeup remover pads will not support bacterial growth. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, which means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

Why Choose Bamboo Over Traditional Cotton Pads?

Join the green machine and move closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

Not only are traditional cotton pads non-recyclable and non-degradable, it takes a ton of water to produce each single-use cotton pad, which, unless it’s made from organic cotton, is also grown with pesticides which damage the surrounding environment.

We are now swapping our single-use cotton pads for reusable cotton pads.

These luxurious makeup remover pads are made from sustainable bamboo fibre so they’re super gentle on the skin and ideal for facial cleansing or removing face and eye makeup.

They also come packaged with a lovely washable bag.

Looking fantastic while reducing your carbon foot print has never been simpler.

Washing Instructions (Machine)

The pads come with a handy cotton mesh bag which makes them easy to clean. Place the pads inside the cotton bag and secure using the little ties. This will ensure they don’t disappear or get caught inside the washing machine.

They can be washed at 40-60C, and then left to air dry, we don’t recommend ironing.

Washing Instructions (Hand Wash)

You can hand wash the pads with regular soap and water then use them a few more times before putting them in the washing machine. Do this only when the pads haven’t been used for removing makeup.

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