Crafted with 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton, makeup remover pads are the perfect choice for any woman that wants to clean, refresh and soften their skin without having to rely on single-use makeup wipes, plastics or harsh chemicals.

DURABLE AND WELL MADE TO HANDLE IT ALL. These facial pads are made with premium quality, organic bamboo cotton that is meant to last! Whether it’s your daily makeup or your night-out with the girls, the material will handle giving your face the proper makeup removal and cleaning it needs at the end of the day. Each pad can be washed 1000 times!

Each round is made up of 30% organic cotton and 70% organic bamboo and includes a no-slip pocket for easier use. The soft, premium quality material makes it perfect for exfoliating all skin types as well as applying other product such as toner. The bamboo cotton fabric will thoroughly cleanse your face, eyes, lips, and neck.

Not only are these reusable makeup remover pads good for the environment due to less waste, but you will also waste less money! No more rebuying disposable cotton pads or rushing out to get more when you’ve run out. This zero waste solution has got you covered.

When it comes to quality, you deserve the best! And it should last!
This reusable bamboo cotton set is specially made to provide the easiest, softest experience for your skincare routine. Our soft, bamboo cotton material is perfect for cleansing and exfoliating your face no matter the level of makeup wear. Each pad is made from 30% cotton and 70% organic bamboo and will last up to 1000 washes (whether hand washed or machine washed).

Waste less money while you support the environment!
It’s no secret, we all need to work on lessening our individual carbon footprints. These eco friendly makeup remover pads are just one more way to help you do that. Reusing instead of buying and rebuying disposable is a small way to impact your trash output as well as your wallet. No more running out of makeup remover pads and no more spending on them either.

Perfect for at-home or to-go or even as a gift!
These makeup remover pads make an excellent gift for the environmental women in your life that will let them know you really care. They are at-home as well as travel friendly. Easy to throw in the gym bag or suitcase to have with you anywhere.

❓Why Bamboo?
· Eco-friendly
· Super soft
· Zero waste
· Renewable resource

· Do not bleach
· Do not tumble dry
· Do not iron

How to use:

Simply add warm water, your favourite micellar water or cleanser to wet the pad
Gently massage your skin with circular motions to remove makeup
Rinse and repeat, if needed, to remove dead skin cells and remove all impurities.


  • Natural white without staining
  • We are committed to protecting your skin health and maintaining your beauty.
  • Quality You Can Trust Ibannboo has high-quality products available for everyone
  • Our organic makeup remover mat has three layers of organic cloth, which effectively cleans the deep pores and removes all cosmetics, sunscreen, chemicals and cosmetics.Applicable to face, lips, eyes and neck.
  • Your best choice

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