The sisal soap saver pouch is great for exfoliation or massage. The friction creates rich foam on the skin, releases dead skin cells and promotes the blood circulation. Sisal fiber is a traditional rough enough to clean skin, delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.

The natural soap bags are 100% vegan and consist exclusively of sustainable materials – sisal, wood & cotton. Both the sisal soap saver bags and the packaging are completely plastic-free because zero-waste is extremely important to us. zero Waste soap saver protect the environment, Our soap pouch are made from all-natural sisal materials and are packaged in environmental material, preserving the environment.

The way to prolong soap life: Soap saver pouches make it extremely easy to collect and use your small soap scraps that are impossible to grip. Throw the scraps in one of sisal soap bags, and also dry the soap quickly to make it last longer after using.

Do You love using bars of soap, but hate dealing with that last little bit that just breaks into pieces. With the soap washing bag, the soap can be used up without any problems until the very end. Hang your soap with the bag after use for drying quickly to make it last longer.

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