Our throw-away culture has become a serious problem and it’s time to change some habits and replace single-use items by more eco-friendly products! The Makeup Removal Reusable Pads are made of natural soft bamboo material, friendly to skin, can be applied for many times. Using reusable make up cloths is a simple swap to do something good for the environment and also for your wallet. Everyone can contribute to the change our planet needs and every small action helps.

✿ Bamboo Charcoal Cleaner: These Makeup Removal Reusable Pads are made of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fiber gently and successfully remove make-up, chemicals, sunscreen and cosmetics without discomfort. The bamboo charcoal material makes cotton pads reusable perfectly absorbent for make-up and moisture and a cleaner than disposable make-up remover pads.
Suitable for any skin: soft and comfortable material, ideal for all skin types, even for sensitive and impure skin, for face, eyes, lips and neck. 11 soft black bamboo charcoal cotton pads are ideal for sensitive areas such as the eye area, 11 white bamboo fibers make-up pads are perfect for cleaning the skin by removing the most resistant products and gently exfoliating the skin.
Washable and reusable: after removing make-up, each washable make-up pad can be easily washed under 60 degrees, in the included laundry net. Thus, no cotton pads are lost during the washing. For heavy stains, simply use a small drop of makeup remover on the washable makeup remover pads before you wash them.
Ideal for home & travel: If you want to go into a Zero Waste lifestyle, these reusable cotton pads are an ideal choice for you can store some in your travel bag, purse, purse or travel bag and at home, create less waste and make sure you are an attractive person.

Easy and Simple to Use Makeup Removal Reusable Pads:

① Simply wet the reusable bamboo cotton rounds with warm water to ensure the cloth is soaked up, and use with your preferred toner or product of choice

② Gently wipe off in a circular motion cleansing your face with each soft stroke of the bamboo pads

Perfect for Multi Purpose Use: Traveling/on vacations, at the gym, for your baby’s eyes, face, and nose cleansing, wiping your pet’s eyes ,cleaning your ipad, glasses lens, and even as a white board eraser!

How to clean the Makeup Removal Reusable Pads?

1. Please wash them immediately by mild cleaning products after using.

2. After you have washed the pads, you can throw to the washing machine with the mesh bag for re-cleaning and drying.

At ibannboo we used our best and softest organic bamboo velour with attention to detail in the stitching, quality control, and providing the customer service you deserve unlike the competition.

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