Cotton makeup wipe and Switch to These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
Ditch the Cotton Balls and Switch to These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
It’s a well-known fact that the beauty industry is a major contributor to the overwhelming amount of permanent waste produced annually—but it’s not just plastic bottles and packaging that are problematic. The small, single-use items we reach for daily and toss in the trash without even thinking are a major culprit; we’re talking about all of those disposable face wipes, cotton balls, and cotton pads that so many of us rely on to remove makeup on the regular.

Ditching these for a reusable, washable makeup remover is not only one easy way to have a positive impact on the environment, but it also saves you money in the long run. More sustainable and easier on the wallet? Yes, please. Not to mention that along with removing makeup, these reusable options are also great for applying products such as essences or toners.

Unfortunately. These days too many companies  are focused on making the cheapest products possible in the hope that customers will buy > use once > throw away > buy again and repeat.

This is not sustainable and has disatstrous effects on the environment, with cheap single use products ending up in landfill or even worse, in our beautiful oceans.

The good news is that some companies have a different idea in mind, An idea of introducing products that only serve a need but also support a heathy environment.

Say goodbye to single-use products! Replace your disposable cotton rounds with Ibannboo’s reusable makeup removing pads and save yourself time and money in the long run. Designed to last for years, Ibannboo’’s reusable bamboo cotton microfiber pads are incredibly soft while maintaining their durability. Use our super-gentle wipes on their own with makeup remover or with your favorite skincare products.

Simply toss used wipes into the laundry bad provided, wash with warm water and you’re set to reuse!

These makeup remover pads are made of natural soft bamboo material, silky soft to be easy on your skin, and can be used on every part of your face. This product is a wonderful value for the quality and amount of uses you get out of it.

  • These makeup remove pads are made with bamboo and cotton, being soft and perfect for cleaning your skin thoroughly. Mixed with your gel, foam or micellar water, these makeup wipes remover will help you remove any last bit of makeup, dust and impurities without hurting your skin.Makes the perfect gift for makeup lovers and eco-friendly enthusiasts!
  • Bamboo fiber with 2/3 layers, the thickness reusable Cotton Rounds is sufficient to wash, dry quickly and not absorb too much make-up remover, as well as having enough friction and gentle to grab onto make-up without irritating skin.Perfect to remove mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and foundation.
  • They can be washed easily by hands or washing machine.Simply rinse your pads and wring them out after use. Put them in the laundry bag before placing them in the washer on a gentle cycle. Let them air dry or tumble dry on low settings.
  • Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint? These 14 reusable cosmetic makeup removal pads are the equivalent of thousands of disposable single use makeup wipes, pads, or cotton balls. Each of the organic reusable cotton pads can save hundreds if not thousands of single-use cotton pads for face from ending up in our beautiful blue oceans.

How Do I Use My Makeup Remover Pads?
Simply apply your makeup remover to your pad and work the product in circular motions, flipping the cloth over if needed. Repeat this process until all makeup is removed.

Designed to last for years
These makeup remover pads are an easy and convenient alternative to typical storebought disposable cotton rounds! Instead of continuing to add waste to the planet that isn’t biodegradable, make the planet healthy choice to purchase reusable pads that will last you for years. These adorable, durable pads will save you money and trips to the store.

Washable Makeup Remover Pads

1. Easy to wash and please wash it at first use.

2. Better to wash it with cleanser which is for brush or puff.

3. Place the remover pads into the laundry bag avoiding missing in the washer.

4.One organic makeup remover pads can be used up to hundreds of times.

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