✔️Stop Disposing, Start Reusing:
Laundry bag helps in picking up Cotton Pads Makeup Remover in a quick glance, among the stack of cloths. It is machine washable, can be washed in three simple steps:
1. It is recommended to soak the Cotton Pads Makeup Remover with water right after using the pads.
2. Apply detergent on stain and keep it with detergent for 5 to 10 mins.
3. Put the pads in laundry bag and wash them gently using warm water.
4. Let it air dry.

Luxuriously Soft: Reusable face pads for makeup remover are soft, lint-free, highly absorbent and perfect for use on all skin types i.e., sensitive, dry and/or oily, even for baby skin. For deep cleansing, rinse the Cotton Pads Makeup Remover with a little bit of water before using
Double-side usage: Double-sided round reusable face cleaning Cotton Pads Makeup Remover facilitates the consumer with additional space for complete makeup removal. One side of make up wipes can be used to remove heavy makeup and the other side to clear the remains. They can also help with the application of mascara and eye shadow
Washable and Reusable: These washable bamboo Cotton Pads Makeup Remover comes with an add-on cotton laundry bag. Remove makeup/dirt and wash them using the laundry bag with hand or in a washing machine to get the same fresh feel every time
Perfect Choice for Eco-Concerned People: Make up removable pads are sourced from bamboo cotton and are the best fit for money and eco concerned people as they can be a perfect alternative for single-use cotton rounds or makeup wipes. Designed to last for years, bamboo makeup remover pads are saving money and putting an end to landfills

How to Wash Them

These Cotton Pads Makeup Remover are washable at 40°-60° C in the washing machine all inside of the cotton bag, or can be hand washed with soap and water if you have not used them to remove large amounts of makeup.

Depending on the type of make-up and washing, there may still be stains on the pads. Don’t worry, this does not alter the makeup remover effectiveness and you can continue to use them in the same way.

Our Cotton Pads Makeup Remover are a Simple Solution to Drastically Reduce Deforestation

How you wash and care for your body might not seem like the most important thing when it comes to sustainability. But making small changes in this arena can make a huge difference to the impact you have on our planet. It’s the little things that make a difference!

Every single person matters: that’s how we achieve miraculous outcomes!

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