How we got our start?

We were inspired by witnessing people’s rising consciousness to take care of our planet. We decided to contribute in the best way we knew how, to provide people with sustainable and responsible options to help reduce waste.-Makeup remover pads organic cleansing

What makes our makeup remover pads organic cleansing unique?

We practice zero plastic packaging throughout our product lines. Our products feature stylish and functional innovations that last. We believe in creating products that stand the test of time. Our focus on quality, and commitment to our customers and the environment is second to none.

Why we love what we do?

We love being part of the solution. We understand that even though we are just a small part of it, we can still make a difference and that is really exciting. We love watching our customers enjoy our makeup remover pads organic cleansing and discovering new ways to innovate.

We pride ourselves on quality. To us, quality means products that work great, and outlast the competition. High quality means less purchasing for our customers, less packaging waste for mother earth, and less freight pollution in our atmosphere. That’s why we took our time designing these makeup remover pads organic cleansing, with a focus on strong stitching, and an extra thick body. We hope you enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed designing and creating them.
【 Multi-purpose 】These makeup remover pads organic cleansing are super fluffy and soft, can be used as face wipes, cleaning wipes, makeup cotton rounds for face, also works for eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, and more!
【 Reusable and Washable 】makeup remover pads organic cleansing  Join the zero-waste lifestyle, with these reusable cotton face pads cleansing cloths, Soft washable round pad for facial treatment, they’re functional and stylish, if you are tired of using expensive makeup removers, these all natural organic pads with no chemicals are perfect for you, create less waste and treat your skin right at home or on the go!
【 Easy to carry 】makeup remover pads organic cleansing wipes and 1 storage bag in one set! You can keep some in your travel bag, gym, purse or overnight bag and still have some leftover at home.
【 High quality material 】makeup remover pads organic cleansing double layers of soft bamboo fiber, great to get deep into your pores and successfully pull all of the makeup, chemicals, sunscreen, cosmetics out without any discomfort, leaving your face feeling fresh, soft, smooth and clean.
【 Easy to use 】face pads cotton can work with any cleanser or toner, cotton rounds simply wet with warmer water, gently removing makeup pads in a circular motion, and flipping cloth over and over until all makeup is removed.

✔️Stop Disposing, Start Reusing:
Laundry bag helps in picking up pads in a quick glance, among the stack of cloths. It is machine washable, can be washed in three simple steps:
1. It is recommended to soak the pads with water right after using the pads.
2. Apply detergent on stain and keep it with detergent for 5 to 10 mins.
3. Put the pads in laundry bag and wash them gently using warm water.
4. Let it air dry.

✔️Package Includes:
· 20 x Reusable Cotton Pads
· 1 x Cotton Laundry Bag

❓Why makeup remover pads organic cleansing?
· Eco-friendly
· Super soft
· Zero waste
· Renewable resource

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