A must-have kit for makeup skin cleansing tool–reusable face pads makeup remover!

Being tired after wearing the makeup the whole day and want to leave your skin unburdened as soon as possible when you get home? Removing makeup is no longer a tedious process with InnoGear makeup remover rounds! NO chemicals added and no harsh fibers adopted, these makeup remover pads are just extremely soft cloths that grip your foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara when wet, leaving your skin clean and unburdened.

  • Palm-sized and lightweight, easily be carried around when traveling or on a business trip.
  • Excellent in water absorption, oil absorption and dirt removal.
  • A safety make-up removal method for you and the environment.

🌳DID YOU KNOW – Cotton wool pads are frequently used in our beauty regimes, but they are causing more harm to Mother Earth, than you would think. In fact, the strain cotton is putting on our planet is considerable, especially if it’s not organically sourced. by Investing in good quality reusable cotton pads you can reduce the amount of cotton that will end up in landfills. Simply wash and reuse.
🌳 WHY CHOOSE  reusable face pads makeup remover? – You will get 20 black and white pads and each round pad is made from two layers of 100% soft washable and reusable Bamboo Cotton terry (70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton) ideal for sensitive skin. They come in a recyclable tube box/container that can be used to store your pads, you also get a cotton reusable laundry bag that can be put into your washing machine. In fact the kit gives you everything you need to start your new ecologically friendly beauty regime.
🌳 WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT – Unlike a lot of other cotton pads our reusable face pads makeup remover comes with a zipped cotton laundry bag for when they need cleaning. This is because we found that the tie laundry bags can often come undone in the washing machine and pads will come out. This can put your washing machine at risk of breaking down if the pads get into the filter.
🌳 WHY BAMBOO COTTON TERRY – Terry is just the way the Bamboo Cotton is woven, they are still soft and gentle but as a user of reusable cotton pads we found that the Bamboo Cotton Terry last longer before showing signs of wear, wash better and hold products like cleansing cream, toner and lotion better.

Reusable face pads makeup remover Usage Tip

– Rinse the pad under warm water prior to first use.

– Apply micellar water with soft velour pad in the morning, wiping makeup off after work with bamboo charcoal pads, and exfoliate with scru Save b terry pads before bed.

– Apply cleanser on the pad and massage your face in a circular motion to clean your skin.

Reusable face pads makeup remover Care Tips

– Gentle hand wash or machine wash on warm cycles.

– Hang to dry

– After removing heavy makeup with the pad, hand wash it with warm water and soap, then dry and reuse.

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