Wooden toothbrush in poland

Looking for an alternative to the plastic toothbrush? Do you need something environmentally friendly, but without compromising functionality and comfort?

100% biodegradable material
If you care about the environment and want to do something to protect it, this biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is what you need. It is made from 100% recyclable, natural material that will keep your mouth fresh while not having a negative impact on the environment. Wouldn’t you like that too? The choice is yours !!!!

Many bamboo toothbrushes are less dimensionally stable, comfortable and flat. Our bamboo toothbrushes are designed to compete with the best and most functional plastic brushes. The first choice of eco enthusiasts due to the bamboo handle, with  100% biodegradable bristles or nylon bristles and a safe manufacturing process.

Each bamboo toothbrush has an angled head which improves ease of use and efficiency. The bamboo handle offers a firm hold and lies comfortably in the hand. There is a smart and unique 2-point color coding that makes it easy to distinguish the wooden toothbrush even if it is kept in the holder or in the cup. The paint on the bottom of the bamboo toothbrush also protects it from mold and extends its lifespan

The toothbrush head is not only angled, but also ergonomically shaped and polished to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency in use. There are up to + 50% more BPA-free nylon bristles than most other bamboo toothbrushes on the market. This makes them more efficient at removing tartar and plaque so your teeth always stay clean and shiny.

Every Ibannboo organic toothbrush is fully biodegradable, as are the rest of our product line. We take the sustainable lifestyle seriously. The packaging consists only of paper and is printed in one color. We removed the background color to be more environmentally friendly. Actually, everything on the packaging is compostable. We only recommend cutting off the nylon bristles before composting, as their breakdown time is slower.

Our tip:

Your Ibannboo bamboo toothbrush is designed in such a way that it can also be safely stored in a normal holder or cup. To extend the lifespan, you can store them on the toothbrush holder or use the bamboo toothbrush holder with vents to dry it. Our insider tip is to apply the coconut oil to the toothbrush body every 3-4 weeks. They not only increase the feeling of surface smoothness and resistance to mold, but also make it smell of coconut at all times ;-)

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